Precision pump shaft quality solutions.

Banner P&M Supply specializes in the supply of Pump Shaft Quality (PSQ) and Bearing Shaft Quality (BSQ) raw material for the irrigation, hydraulic, marine, and industrial sectors.


Our Commitment to Excellence

When you use Banner P&M Supply as your single source supplier for all your material needs, you’ll benefit from reduced cycle time with the straightest material possible prior to machining. This translates into higher throughput and increased production of pump shafts in the same amount of time.

By delivering superior quality materials that meet or exceed your specifications, your pump assemblies will realize longer service life. We take pride in partnering with you to help maximize your productivity and deliver the best products to the marketplace.

Advanced Capabilities

Our facilities are designed and equipped with the latest in centerless grinding technology and quality systems to meet our customers’ needs for the ultimate in precision and superior quality. We are continually upgrading and adding to our capabilities with such equipment as the Medart Turner in the Lubbock facility. By providing the straightest PSQ material possible, our products increase customer throughput and reduce processing cost. In addition, the improved overall quality lengthens the bearing and coupling life of the pump.

Extensive Inventory

We have always offered our customers rapid delivery of the most extensive inventory of materials available in a wide variety of outside diameters and shapes. From carbon steel 1045 to stainless steel 316, 416 and 17-4ph, you can count on us to have it. The Lubbock, Texas facility alone offers over one million pounds of finished 416 PSQ materials, adding to our existing inventory of over eight million pounds.

BAR O.D. RANGE: 1.00” - 2.9375”
BAR O.D. RANGE: 1.00” - 3.4375”
BAR O.D. RANGE: 1.00” - 2.9375”

Processing Capability

From irrigation to hydraulic, marine and industrial sectors, Banner P&M Supply has the processing capability to produce pump shaft material with superior O.D. tolerance and surface finish. Our PSQ and BSQ bar is the straightest in the market providing improved productivity, performance and long life. We also offer a broad array of value-added service options specifically designed to meet the needs of pump OEMs and repair facilities.

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